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jay.sankara's Posts


by jay.sankara

This is the first instalment in a series entitled ‘View From the Rumble Strip’, detailing life at the sharp end of touring with no money, no sense and no self-respect! Absolutely no names have been changed to protect the...

Bandied About

by jay.sankara

How does one eff the ineffable? Or to be more verbose, how can someone express an essentially innate idea, concept or experience in a way that can be conveyed using written language? It’s a millennia-old dilemma that’s perplexed philosophers...

Deconstructing An Album

by jay.sankara

Ten songs, so little timeā€¦ From my current vantage point, obscured by the post-production glow, it seems like an age since we began collating material for “Guided By Degrees”. Admittedly some songs were written back in the mists of...

A Guitarists Wish List: Part 2

by jay.sankara

Amplification (Recording) Blackstar HT-5 (Note: please see pictures in Part 1 – you can’t miss the bloody thing!) This little 5 watt all-valve amp head has been an absolute revelation for recording guitar parts. It was pretty much exclusively...

A Guitarists Wish List: Part 1

by jay.sankara

Guitarists (and most bass players)suffer from a debilitating condition whose mere acronym strikes fear into the hearts, minds and bank accounts of spouses and long-suffering partners everywhere: GAS. Gear Acquisition Syndrome! There is no cure, as the afflicted victim...

Our Process Needs More Processing.

by jay.sankara

Zen and the Art of Making the EP. Nowadays a lot of song-writers and artists don’t differentiate between the separate parts that go into producing a record; they’re recording the music as they write it, fiddling about changing guitar...

The Guitar Perspective – keeping the limelight.

by jay.sankara

Gareth wrote the majority of this song on keyboard and the challenge for me was to create enough differentiation between the various sections. We had to build the arrangement to reach a chorus, then bring it back down enough...

Drum Breaks, First Takes + Jaffa Cakes: Part 2

by jay.sankara

How to record an EP without spending any money (except on Jaffa Cakes!) Part Two. The more noise you make, the more the sound waves bounce around in the space you’re recording in, reflecting off walls and being picked...

Drum Breaks, First Takes + Jaffa Cakes: Part 1

by jay.sankara

How to record an EP without spending any money (except on Jaffa Cakes!) Part One. Most of us are familiar with the “Classic Albums” documentary series made by Isis Productions and distributed by Eagle Rock Entertainment. When focusing on...