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Sankara join with Noterminus and Ryan James for The Consortium Tour


  Sankara, Noterminus and Ryan James are proud to announce the start of a collaborative tour, and hopefully the start of a long term cooperative of musicians and bands in the South West and Wales areas of Britain. We are...

Deconstructing An Album

by jay.sankara

Ten songs, so little time… From my current vantage point, obscured by the post-production glow, it seems like an age since we began collating material for “Guided By Degrees”. Admittedly some songs were written back in the mists of...

Sankara T-shirts


To celebrate the upcoming album Guided By Degrees, we have a limited run of special t-shirts available. We found a great company in Lowestoft, who were so efficient the t-shirts arrived a day before they were meant to be...

Enigma EP


Enigma is the debut EP from Welsh rock band Sankara. The four tracks, written and composed by Gareth Jones and Vinden Wylde (formerly The Reasoning), Jay MacDonald and Rhayn Jooste (ex-Bluehorses) showcase the dynamics and breadth of the band’s potential....