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Archives / 2012 / August

Bandied About

by jay.sankara

How does one eff the ineffable? Or to be more verbose, how can someone express an essentially innate idea, concept or experience in a way that can be conveyed using written language? It’s a millennia-old dilemma that’s perplexed philosophers...

Deconstructing An Album

by jay.sankara

Ten songs, so little timeā€¦ From my current vantage point, obscured by the post-production glow, it seems like an age since we began collating material for “Guided By Degrees”. Admittedly some songs were written back in the mists of...

Sankara needs you!


We’re putting the call out for a guitarist / backing vocalist to join us in our quest for fortune and glory! If you’re a professionally-minded, reasonably well-rounded guitarist happy to switch between rhythm and lead parts who can provide...

Thank you Rhayn for your time with us.


We are sad to announce that our bass player Rhayn Jooste has left the band due to personal reasons, not least increasing pressures on his time. Rhayn has been instrumental in getting Sankara off the ground, playing and writing...

Welcome to the new look site


As you may see we are currently in the process of creating a new site for Sankara. We hope you will come back soon.