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The Drum Perspective – why they never stop.

by tom.sankara


If there is to be a cheesy music video, then this is to be the one that Gareth is shot doing or portraying something “Suggestive/Raunchy”. I am sure the interpretation of this song could be tailored to such a video shoot, especially with the words “Desire to feed this demon seed” contained within the song ……Mmmm, I wonder.

For me, this song is relaxed, it has a pleasing structure and flows beautifully with the melody/dynamics. There was no need for encouragement from the drums, I just filled the spaces and tried to compliment what was already a great song from Gareth and Jay.

Exalted Star.

This song was an excellent idea from the mind of a man raised by wolves…..allegedly. After Rhayn conceived this idea, he immediately ran naked to Jay’s house for the screening, disinfecting and polishing process………and to demo this track of course. There were many phone-calls that night, I was waiting in anticipation.

Finally, in that same evening, two excited musicians appeared at my door. (Rhayn’s note: That was after 10 hours in the chair/s re-tracking, re-recording and re-realising the rough demo – long night!) They handed over the demo, I was grateful to say the least. We listened together and realised this song was going to be a gem…..

The demo was without lyrics, I did chuckle at the thought of Gareth trying to write the lyrics for it.

What is now on the EP is a solid song that is exciting to play, and initially was quite a challenge to forge from the outset. This song is definitely my favourite.

As They Lay My Body Down.

For me, this is another cracker of a song, except I’d rather be playing a violin for this one.

This song doesn’t need any encouragement from the drums, maybe this song can touch people somewhat deeper than the other songs on the EP.

This is not a song for the hairy-assed bikers!

Full Flow.

I first heard the demo of Full Flow from Jay and Gareth whilst we were having a meeting before I joined Sankara. It was this song that convinced me to join in the fun, especially after hearing Gareth’s “Robert Plant” impression. I’d not heard Gareth sing like this before, this was very exciting and encouraging to hear.

Whilst listening to the demo, I knew this song needed accenting to punctuate Gareth’s “The Plant” vocals in parts, and it needed a solid driving force to exhibit the songs full potential throughout.

You can hear these ingredients bubbling away throughout the song. Plus, this is the last song on the EP. What a way to finish, I saw the drum outro as quite cheeky.


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