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Sankara, Shadow of the Sun and Noterminus live!



The Power of Three!

Noterminus, Shadow Of The Sun and Sankara will be playing Buffalo Bar, Cardiff on Saturday the 2nd of March.

Three unique bands with one defining goal – to reinvigorate rock music by taking the halcyon grooves of the past and remoulding them into sleek powerful vehicles with a modern edge. Noterminus dynamically contrast soaring melodies with a hard brutal edge and atmospheric songwriting. Shadow Of The Sun weld the modern progressive metal sounds of Tool and Mastodon to more reflective acoustic textures, providing a vibrant hybrid of light and shade. Sankara successfully mix anthemic melodic rock, bone-crushing modern metal and uplifting ballads into a heady fusion that’s already seen them compared to an unholy mix of Led Zeppelin, Journey and Alter Bridge. This triumvirate will come together in a hot sticky mess on the floor at Buffalo Bar, Cardiff on Saturday March 2nd. All three bands are currently promoting their debut albums: Sankara released ‘Guided By Degrees’ in November, Shadow Of The Sun’s ‘Monument’ came out in December and Noterminus will be unveiling their highly anticipated album in March.

This is the scene – come and be part of it!

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