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Sankara join with Noterminus and Ryan James for The Consortium Tour


Consortium Tour


Sankara, Noterminus and Ryan James are proud to announce the start of a collaborative tour, and hopefully the start of a long term cooperative of musicians and bands in the South West and Wales areas of Britain.

We are “The Consortium” and we are a collective of musicians specializing in rock and metal music. We play together to increase revenue and minimise outlay to gain the best exposure and development for the bands. We are based in South Wales and South-West England. We have strong individual backgrounds in the industry and collectively have decades of experience in the business. We will be playing major cities across the UK this year in a three set live show that includes “crossover” material, where members of one band perform with members of the other.


Noterminus 02-02-2013 (3)

Noterminus meld soaring melodies and emotional vignettes into towering songs that engage and enthral listeners. The twin dynamics of dual lead vocals allow Noterminus to stand out from many other bands within the spectrum. Originally conceived after Maria left Prog rockers The Reasoning, Noterminus are a sleek modern band placing equal standing on songwriting and emotional response.


Ryan James is a multi-instrumentalist with a twist. He plays them all at once. At first on seeing him you may be puzzled as to what you will be listening to, but this artist soon welcomes you into his world with a refreshingly honest and open approach to lyrical and melodic content. Ryan combines a cuttingly sharp wit with a humorous take on the world, with lyrics that reach deep into your psyche. We love this music video for River of Bones.

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